The City West Cycle Link…

…is a proposed cycleway that would provide a flat and OFF-ROAD connection between the inner west and the CBD.

The City West Cycle Link would the link the GreenWay, Bay Run and Cooks River cycle paths to the Anzac Bridge and the city’s cycleways and make cycling from the inner west to the CBD accessible for EVERYONE.

The City West Cycle Link is supported by local cycling groups and all local Councils.

We just need your support to assist us in convincing the State Government.

Check it out…


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One Response to The City West Cycle Link…

  1. Hugo says:

    Below is a proforma for the state transport minister, Gladys Berejiklian. Feel free to add any additional personal details that you wish.

    Dear Hon. Gladys Berejiklian,

    My name is __________. I write to you in support of the City West Cycle Link and Greenway.

    Firstly, I commend your government for demonstrating a commitment to sustainable transport options by extending the Light Rail. Public transport services from Dulwich Hill to the City will immediately multiply with ecologically sustainable alternatives. The benefits of this are innumerable, from the reduction in road vehicles and the corollary improvement in public health, to reduced travel times for motorists.

    The City West Cycle Link and Greenway create commuting options that are ecological and provide fast transportation options. Cycling is an environmentally friendly alternative for commuters and recreational cyclists. Furthermore, it is a rapid method of transportation, which in collaboration with the light rail, will allow rapid transportation throughout the Inner West and the City.

    Alongside the impressive Light Rail extension, you have an opportunity to extend a safe commuting option to other commuters. Once constructed, motorists will benefit from decongested roadways and the safety of bike riders will be ensured through an off-road commuting and recreational cycling option.

    The decision to extend the Light Rail from Lilyfield Station to Dulwich Hill will provide an important addition to transportation options in the inner west. I hope to see you affirm a place as a forward thinking and environmentally conscious state transport minister with a solution that ensures the safety of all commuters.

    Thanks in advance,

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,


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