An Overview of the City West Cycle Link

The City West Cycle Link is a proposed European-style cycleway that would connect the inner western suburbs with the CBD.

Presently, the only city connection for cyclists from the inner west is via the “car door lanes” of the hilly Lilyfield Rd/Victoria Rd overpass route which includes 21 intersections, blind corners and long stretches of high speed traffic (including trucks). This route is effectively “un-rideable” for all but the most courageous cyclists. Presently, there are almost no children or elderly and proportionally, few women riding this route.

Extending from North Leichhardt to the Anzac Bridge, the City West Cycle Link would run entirely within the decommissioned Lilyfield rail corridor to provide a flat, quiet, green and wholly off-road cycling connection to he city’s separated (“green lanes”) cycleway network. The City West Cycle Link would address the missing link to the city for feeder cycling routes such as the (soon to be completed) GreenWay, Bay Run, and further afield, the Cooks River Cycle Path, and in doing so, fully unlock the value of those paths.

Benefits of the City West Cycle Link

  • A high-quality, flat, quiet, green and off-road alternative to the existing prohibitively hilly Lilyfield Rd-to- Victoria Rd overpass route \
  • Greatly improves cyclists’ safety by completely separating bicycles and motor vehicles
  • Eliminates the risk of cyclists being “doored” on Lilyfield Road
  • Bypasses the narrow cycling/ pedestrian overpass at Victoria Road
  • Completes the connection of inner west trunk routes (GreenWay, Bay Run, Cooks River Path) to the city’s (“green lane”) cycleway network
  • Significantly extends the catchment of commuter cyclists
  • Provides an attractive flat, off-road path that is key to attracting “would- be” cyclists
  • Allows for retention of the twin track Light Rail design
  • Encourages a mode shift away from peak hour motor vehicle trips
  • Reduces cycling commuting times
  • Increases the flow of people in the vicinity of Light Rail stops, thereby enhancing safety for light rail patrons
  • A flexible infrastructure which won’t prejudice future development of the rail corridor

Based on a firm business offer, the facility would cost $5 million.

Ideally, construction of the City West Cycle Link should be completed prior to the commissioning of the Inner West light Rail service after which, permission to disrupt the light rail service will be difficult to attain.

What the City West Cycle Link means to you

With the CWCL Without the CWCL
Distance 2.4km 2.5km
Intersections 0 21
Distance on the road 0 km 2.5km
Cumulative elevation 5 metres 45 metres
Maximum grade Flat Steep

This website presents an indicative concept design and not an engineering specification.